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What's Your Favourite TV Show?

Claim Your Show Here!

Claim a TV Show
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Claim a TV Show!

Community moderated by jacklemmon

Here LJ users can claim their favourite television show, whichever one they want! Doesn't matter if it's still running or not, or what country it originates from. All I ask is that everyone read the rules before claiming!

*Community Rules*

#1 Read the claims list before claiming! Pretty obvious, I know, but it does happen.

#2 Only one claim per user. Though the moderator gets two, 'cause she's greedy like that.

#3 Also, only one user per claim. No sharing, as that option is rarely popular among users anyway.

#4 Be nice to the mod and each other! No nagging about updates or yelling at those who got a show you wanted...first come, first serve!

#5 You must join the community to stake your claim. You must remain a member of the community, or your claim is nullified. So if you either leave the community or delete your lj, your claim is void.

#6 No claiming in comments, such claims will be ignored.

#7 The only advertising allowed will be those to do with claims communities. Thank ye!

#8 If you make a banner or have me make one for you, please put it up in your bio and link to the community! Gotta spread the claim lurve.
And please, when claiming, declare whether you need a banner or not, otherwise I'll think it's 'not' and won't make one lol. And please be specific on what you do or don't want on it.

Have fun folks and go wild with your claim! :D

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